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Our Dream Team

In November of last year we hired our first Customer Service Rep, Tiago, to help us answer calls, and messages, as well as take orders. The team quickly expanded to what is now a team of 7 full time people, Yeseni, Anver, Javier, Esly, Voshon with myself working mostly grave yard shift. 

We've come long way from our humble beginnings 5 years ago. Back then, Armando would be the only person around during the day, making cases, delivering and taking pictures. I would answer messages in my spear time, and come home to help make the packaging, work on the accounting, and any other miscellaneous task that needed to be done. Now our teams works tirelessly to get all of those things done.

Today I got the chance to spend a full day with the team, to watch everyone interact with customers, taking in orders, making cases, and even witness them enjoying each others company. We ordered pizza and had lunch together, and we even took a few minutes to get a group picture. Unbeknownst to me, today (March 22) marks 5 years since A&S Covers became official. It was until my calendar reminded me early this morning of the anniversary that I realize the significance of the day.

As faith would have it, A&S has two birthdays. Today, the day we became official, as well as the day we opened our doors for business, in August. Today on our Birthday #1, we want to take this time and thank all our customers, followers, friends and supporters for trusting us and being with us every step of the way. You guys are awesome! 

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