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Calling all PUBG Mobile Gamers!

Gamers, we're prepping for this Sunday's next PUBG Mini tournament. Perhaps you've heard, or not heard of our regular Sunday mini tournaments. Our tournaments are pay for play which means that there is a fee of $6 for a ticket. The ticket comes with a code that confirms your payment and on the day of the tournament you are given a Room ID and password to get into each private room. 

Private rooms allow us, the organizers, to control who gets into the room to play. These private rooms play all maps just like you would normally play; the advantage of playing in our mini tournaments is that you get a feel for tournaments before our big event to be held in August. The experience of playing your usual game where bots are included versus the experience you get playing alongside other Belizeans are polar opposites. 

Past tournament participants can tell you that it's more exhilarating as well as challenging. Private rooms require you to be more on your toes and use tactic to earn you a chicken dinner. Several players that have join say that even though they had considered themselves to be experienced players, they confessed that Rooms are challenging. 

If you think that you got what it takes to get bragging rights to call yourself a PUBG Pro, sign up for our tournament. First prize winner gets $100 cash. Our tickets can be found country wide; check our all our locations that sell our tournament tickets as well as triggers here.

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