Clearance Sale

We're having a clearance sale. The clearance Sales is to help us remove some case types from our inventory. The three cases types are our limited edition wooden cases, our OG cases - the Slim, and our Beauty Cases.

The Slim cases were the first case type we had in stock when we first started. They are a hard plastic case that allows the image to wrap around the edge. The models avaiable in this case type are limited to iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Samsung S3, and Samsung S5. These model in Slim are currently for $15.

The other model on clearance is Beauty. The models available in Beauty are Samsung S4, Samsung S4 mini, Samsung S8, Samsung S8+, Samsung J1, Samsung J2, Samsung J3, Samsung J5 (2016), Samsung J7 (2015) and Samsung Note 4. The Beauty is on clearance is for $20.

The third model is our wooden cases. Models avaibale in wood are iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung S5, Samsung S6, Samsung S6E, Samsung S6E+, Samsung S7, Samsung S7E, Samsung S8, Samsung S8+, Samsung S9, Samsung S9+, and Samsung Note 5. Wooden cases are as low as $22.

Note that the amounts in these models and cases types are limited so get them while supplies last. Don't say I didn't warn you. Message us on any of our social media platforms or on Whatsapp at 628-4758.

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