Get 50% off your 2nd case, get 3 cases and get free shipping

Hello October!

October is finally here and with the start of a new month comes the start of a new promotion. As you may know by now, you can order your case and other customized items from our website without the need of a credit card. If you're making a purchase through the website, make sure you use one of our Ambassador's code to get 10% off your purchase. Find the Ambassador's codes here and remember that some restrictions apply.

If you're still not comfortable with making the online purchase, then we also have some promotions for customers who order through our social media pages. For the month of October, we have several promotions that include:  1) Buy 1 case get a screen protector 50% off. We’ve recently added screen protectors to our inventory and their regular prices are $25 and $35. 2) Buy 1 case get a popup 50% off. 3) Get $5 off your next purchase if you provide us with a picture of a case you’ve bought before for us to use on our social media pages. 4) You can also get $5 off from your next purchase if you let us take a picture of your new case. 5) and yes you can bundle does 2 promotions to get $10 off. 

Looking for something beyond a case or a popup? Check out the rest of our inventory here. You can Whatsapp us at 628-4758 with your questions.

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