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Highlighting our Strong Women for International Women's Day

March 8th is recognized internationally as Women's day. All around the internet you may have been seeing people celebrating women in their lives that are an example to us all. If you haven't as yet, there is still time to do so.

Today in honor of Women's day, we want to highlight the women behind the brand A&S Covers. For those that do not know, A&S Covers is owned by siblings Armando and Sharissa Perez. Sharissa is our very own blogger,  HR, Quality Analyst, and Trainer. We celebrate Sharissa for being a strong young woman that has faced setbacks with her health but was determined to not let that hold her back. She has represented Belize on an international level numerous times, and has held national posts in youth organizations. She aspires to get young people more active in our community. 

We also want to celebrate our mother, Martita, for being the best example of strength and courage. Martita raised us both as a single mother who did everything she could to ensure we didn't grow up to be another statistic. She taught us to be humble, generous to the needy, and brave in the face of adversity; most importantly she taught us to be God fearing. She continues to support us and plays a vital role in the decisions we make in the business. Her strength is our inspiration.

Sometimes we overlook the struggles women face in society daily. It is important that we acknowledge how strong women can be and learn from their strength. Which strong woman are you celebrating this month? Remind her how strong she has been.

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