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New printer reveal

In case you missed it... last week we unboxed our brand new printer. Unboxing this new printer was definitely a call for celebration and champagne as it was something we had wanted for many years. 

This new printer, a UV printer, will now allow us to accept your items such as phone cases, Yeti cups, metal tumblers, wine glasses and much - much more. If you missed the unboxing video, click here to watch the play by play. 

Because some of you have been following us religiously, you might already know that we were taking down contact information for people that were interested in trying new items, especially phone cases, that we did not have in stock. You might have even left your contact information already waiting for this printer. If you did, you are among over 100 other people on our waitlist that will be the first to get their items. If you are not on our waitlist, you can contact us and provide your email address, phone number, and your order.

We are still in the testing phase trying to learn the ins and outs of the machine, but early this morning Armando successfully did his first print. If you missed it here is a live video of the printing and end result of the print. Remember to contact us on our social media platforms or through Whatsapp to get on our waitlist.

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