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Shout-out Wednesday: Digna Ramirez

Have you met our Corozal Brand Ambassador Digna Ramirez? Here's a short biography about her.

Hi Everyone! My name is Digna Ramirez. If I had to describe my self in three words, they would be ambitious, detailed and introverted. However, even though I am introverted, I don’t let that get in the way of what I want to achieve. This means I constantly find myself coming out of my comfort zone which is pretty scary at times but like how David Cotrell said: “Our comfort zones can be the greatest enemy to our potential”. Taking these risks has helped me discover who I am as an individual. Currently, I’m an Environmental Science major at Galen University. My aim is to become a Renewable Energy Engineer to
help mitigate Climate Change with cleaner, sustainable and renewable sources of energy. I care about our planet Earth and take pride in my country, Belize. I’ve had the opportunity to represent Belize internationally and I do it with the best of my abilities with the help of A&S Covers, of course! Before my trips, I make sure to order Belizean Flag merch from them. So, it’s an incredible honor for me to be one of their brand ambassadors and share with you all how great they are at what they do and stand for.

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