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The Internet is broken!

Okay, so maybe the internet is completely broken, but it sure is tripping. Yesterday we went live on both Facebook and Instagram announcing that Facebook was updating and that most of the features businesses use were not functioning properly. We were seeing messages one minute and the next they would disappear and remain as read as we would have to go hunting to for it to reply to customers. In the live we asked customers to bear with us and suggested for those who saw the live to Whatsapp us instead.
Today, Whatsapp - our last resort, has also been glitching and not allowing picture messages to be sent. We are confident that Facebook should be up an running by the end of the week but we also understand that it is inconveniencing our customers so are eagerly trying to contact us. We ask that you be understanding since it is not in our control. But until the issue is fixed we are still trying our best to communicate with as much customers as we can.
If you are unsure if we have received your message, feel free to give us a call at 628-4758 as phone lines are still working. *crosses fingers*

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