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Wooden Cases Clearance

If you haven't purchased one of our wooden cases yet, or want one for someone, this is the best time to get one. We only have a limited amount of wooden cases left and when they are finished we will not be restocking. 

Our Limited Edition wooden cases and their designs were a collaboration with Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, Oceana and WWF. All three organizations prepared their own phone case design and chose the wood finish. Coastal Zone's phone case design promotes an integrated approach to informed management and sustainable development by enhancing land to sea connectivity while paying tribute to the wealth of resources and marine biodiversity. The WWF phone case design depicts mangroves. Mangroves signify resiliency and coastal protection. The importance of mangroves lining our shores are innumerable. It acts as coastal buffers against storms and as a nursery to juvenile marine life. Oceana's phone case design signifies the theme, "To love and protect". Oceana represents ocean advocacy and the graphic is centered around one of their slogans, "save the oceans, feed the world". It features their trademarked dolphin graphic in an underwater mosaic. It encompasses their love for Belizean marine life which is dependent on a healthy reef for its survival.

Purchase your cases today for $30 while supplies last. Message us on any of our social media accounts or WhatsApp us at 628-4758. 

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