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Favorz by A&S Covers

 With enthusiastic hearts we present to you Favorz Delivery Service. 

Favorz is Powered by A&S Covers. The same brand you have grown to love and trust has expanded to now offer delivery services in Belize City.

For your everyday food deliveries, document pickups or drop off, and even for special requests, simple message or call saying, "I need a favor".

Check out our prices below. We divided the city into 4 zones with Ladyville being the 5th zone. Orders made from one zone, with the favor also being done in the same zone, is priced at $4. Favors requiring us to cross into another zone increases the price.


Favorz start as Low as $4 
We are here to help you save time from do the small little things. like, buying food. Who has time for that? You are super busy making the world a better place. 

Are you hungry? 

Do you have a Favorite restaurant but they dont offer delivery. No problem we can do that Favorz for you. 

Bank transactions 

I know you hate the bank line more than you hate not knowing what to eat. We can do your deposit, withdraw or just go to the ATM. 



Do you need an item from a local store? No worries we can make the purchase for you. It is an Additional $2. 




Find us on


Whatsapp: 601-1208

Address: 44 Neal Pen Road - Home of the Custom Cases