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Our Team

Meet our Team

Believe it or not, there was a point in time when all that we know today as A&S Covers, was a one man show. Today it takes an entire team working intricately to make all the wheels churn properly. Meet the people we are honored to call our team.

Armando Pérez Jr.


A&S Covers began as an idea that consumed me day and night. I became obsessed before I even understood that you have to be obsessed in order to be successful. This business has forced me to push beyond my limits and strive to be anything but average. This business is more than just my pride and joy, it is my duty. My duty to expand it and take not only the business to another level, but take the country of Belize into a new era - embracing eCommerce.
My mentor, Grant Cardone says, "If they don't know you, they won't flow you" so I'm on a journey to make sure you all know me.  

Sharissa L. Pérez


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Tiago Tonaco


Hi I’m Tiago I love fishing, I even talk to myself when fishing because at times I need expert advice. What I enjoy most about working at A&S Covers is being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are driven and passionate about success. We strive for excellence and we motivate each other to be the best we can be. We are not just a team, we are a family!

Yeseni Reyes

Customer Service Representative

I like to start the day on a positive note like “Hey guys, what are we going to eat today?”. Working with A&S has really grown me and I now have another family. I thought I was crazy until I met the A&S crew. Every day is something new and this job is anything but average, average is failure and all of us are far from average. Thank you A&S, you have a piece of my heart - Seni ❤

Javier Molina

Customer Service Representative

My name is Javier Molina. I’m the nighttime CSR at A&S Covers. I love technology, gaming, and the outdoors. If you need anything after 5PM, I got you covered.


Voshon Moss

Graphic Designer

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Anver Jimenez

Office Assistant

Hi I’m Anver , I drink a lot of water and I make a lot of cases . I love sports. I like walking. If you ask me if I've been to a place, I've probably never been there before. Nothing is impossible, believe in your self and never be average.