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Do you like exclusivity?

Do you enjoy being the first to know about the latest deals or releases as much as I do? Let's be honest, we all like to be in the know, I for sure do. I like to follow pages for businesses I regularly visit. I do that so that I'm notified of new sale days or when new items are in stock.

Would you like to be in our mailing list to be the first people to find out when we receive new stock, new products, or even promotions? We we are now gathering email addresses from customers and followers for our newsletters.

Apart from providing us your email address, we are also collect birthdays and full names. If you provide your birthday, we'll be emailing you on your birthday for a special surprise. Sign up here to get on our mailing list. If you've provided your email and name before, but have not provided your birthday, sign up again here.

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  • Hi been following you guys and all I can say is am proud of my young Belizean entrepreneurs. Wishing you guys the best in the future.

    Janelli Cunil

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