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First Expo/Tournament Sponsor

Hopefully by now you are aware of a Game and Tech Expo we are planning for August of this year. We are planning to have it alongside tournaments for several games and it will be the first of its kind in Belize.

What you may not know, is that planning an event of the magnitude we are anticipating, is no easy task. We want it to be bigger than you would expect and that means that there is so much planning that is being put into organizing this event. Apart from all the man power it will require, it will also require resources, contacts and equipment that we don't own.

So who you gonna call when you need help? Definitely not ghost busters (yes I'm that old). Instead, we've been calling on gamers. Gamers have signed up to be game leaders to help organize and plan the tournament portion of the event. Gamers from all over have volunteered to give their imput. Some gamers have even gone as far as to get their employers in on helping.

The first business to come to our aid has been Central TV and Internet. They have been generous enough to make boost our internet for our Mini tournament leading up to the main event. They will also be providing us with internet on the day of the event also. We are beyond grateful with Central TV and Internet for trusting us as well as believing in the event itself.

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  • Just a thought. Your name on the FB page includes the tagexp19 part. Im assuming you will plan to do the event again next year so then it would be tagexp20. The only thing is that FB doesnt really allow you to keep changing your page’s name. So the page would still have tagexp19. You might want to look into that. Let me know if my two cents helped in any way!

    Jessi Betancourt

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